Day: July 4, 2018

China’s social credit

China’s social credit system, a big-data system for monitoring and shaping business and citizens’ behaviour, is reaching beyond China’s borders to impact foreign companies, according to new research.

The system, which has been compared to an Orwellian tool of mass surveillance, is an ambitious work in progress: a series of big data and AI-enabled processes that effectively grant subjects a social credit score based on their social, political and economic behaviour.

People with low scores can be banned or blacklisted from accessing services including flights and train travel; while those with high scores can access privileges. The Chinese government aims to have all 1.35 billion of its citizens subject to the system by 2020. Link

Is It Time To Leave Earth?

From kilobytes to petabytes from 1s and 0s to Qubits we now have a glimpse of a future so immense that it has set off alarm bells for famed futurists like Ray Kurzweil, Max Tegmark and now the co-founder of string theory and best selling author Michio Kaku. Kaku is one of the most popular scientists on earth and is one of the very few figures that are able to talk a scientific language that most of us can understand. Link

Weg met het laatste taboe

Bevolkingsgroei remt de aanpak van armoede en klimaatverandering, vindt de Amerikaanse ethicus Peter Singer. Waarom praten we er dan niet over? Link

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